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 Devil and Friends

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PostSubject: Devil and Friends   Devil and Friends I_icon_minitimeSat Sep 10, 2016 10:36 pm

Simple information about some of the characters in the RP. I'm mostly using this as an info dump to avoid loss of information about characters, as well as a reference seeing that there's... So many. I may touch it up later if I feel like it.

Devil and Friends DqaO2yd
The unfortunate result of Hell's most wanted inmate being born again.

Age − 23
Sex − male
Race − of Romani descent
Nationality − ???
Height − 6'3
Health − Susceptible to heart palputations. Poor immune system.
Size − find out?
Eye Color − green
Hair Color − lack
Skin Color − light tan
Sexuality − omnisexual

Style is not lost on the devil. He very much enjoys dressing up in anything he wants. He can go from daisy dukes to rugged biker depending on his mood in the day. Much like his fashion−his emotions are eccentric. He swaps between personalities so quickly, it tends to cause for extreme confusion and aggravation when some one is trying to read and understand him. None of these difficulties are particularly on purpose, as his energy levels tend to fluctuate in uncontrollable ways. There are very few that can understand his energy levels and when he might switch moods, including Clydus and Lux.
His powers and ability go out of control. Born to evidently crush and rule, he decides to do much different. Despite his instinct, his human side keeps him from murdering whoever he wishes. Not much keeps him stable, so he spends most of his time surrounded by people as a reminder that he, too, is human. And he quite enjoys it.
Likes to be pat on the head.

Click for extensive Kure facts:

Devil and Friends GB0azNQ
Wingman of the devil, downer of drinks.

Age − 27
Sex − male
Race − French/German
Nationality − French
Height − 5'11
Health − Smoker's lung. Heart palpitations.
Size − '8
Eye Color − hazel
Hair Color − dirt blonde
Skin Color − white
Sexuality − omnisexual

Once quite abusive, Clydus had a major change of heart when his life was saved by Kure. The two fled the country, and started over. Clydus' loyalty to Kure is almost endless, but he's often left playing bad guy and reigning Kure back in.
His joking personality is genuine. He quite enjoys making others laugh and smile, and is great at showing others the bright side of things.
He is Kure's constant reminder that he is human. His aura is gentle and focused, allowing him to meld it around others. While this could be used for extreme manipulation, Clydus has set a resolve that if it's used for negative reasons, it'll horribly cripple him beyond repair.
Quit smoking but sometimes falls back on old habits. Tends to always have candy on him to replace the habit.

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Devil and Friends
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