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 Places and Stuff~

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PostSubject: Places and Stuff~   Places and Stuff~ I_icon_minitimeFri Sep 23, 2016 1:58 pm

First place brought to life: Nix's apartment!  1 bed 1 bath. Corner apartment, 4th floor.

-Comes furnished bc she'd never be this put together.
-The desk in the bedroom and the chair are hers.
-She has a laptop, not a desktop.
-Little empty cubby-room across from the bathroom is where her washer/dryer are, behind a pair of folding doors. But they don't have washers and dryers in the Sims...
-Windows to the fire escape (awkward porch thing) are normal windows. She just crawls through them a lot.
-Corvus's food and water dishes are at the end of the island.
-Trash can under the sink
-Microwave is actually probably replacing the cabinets above the stove bc what kind of apartment doesn't include a fucking microwave???
-No microwave on counter. Just to--reiterate that.
-Books on the coffee table are actually probably mostly magazines. Nerd magazines.

Places and Stuff~ Unknown
Places and Stuff~ Unknown
Places and Stuff~ Unknown
Places and Stuff~ Unknown
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Places and Stuff~
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